Who are Agility by Nature?

Congratulations! You’ve found us, which means we share an interest in the world of Agility, naturally.

You want to solve the problems that you are experiencing, so you’ll (also naturally) be highly curious as to what we’re about: we are here to listen, advise and, act together in facilitating success.

In a nutshell we have the best, trusted network of consultants to solve your business agility problems. We believe that, as with all of our clients, you and the challenges you face are unique, requiring a unique fit with the expertise of any person coming in to help you – so we only recommend people who we have extensive experience, provenance and references.

We are an associate-driven consultancy. Our focus is not utilisation and “the bench”; instead, it is to deliver outcomes with people and always focus on value.

If you are one of our competitors, we’ll see you soon.

Two founders, one vision.

Ian Gill

07803 593733

An experienced Agile mentor, coach and leader who is recognised for his deep understanding of Scrum, and his passion for the development of highly productive Agile teams.

Ian’s coaching team at Pearson Education won the award for Best Team at the Agile Awards.

Simon Voice

07774 626249

Since 1999 Simon has been promoting and championing Agility and Agile techniques to vast array of organisations. Building teams and growing cultures to enable fantastic ways of working are the focus of Simon’s work.

Clients that been part of the journey include: BSKYB, Dunelm, Travis Perkins, Home Office, MOJ, Dixons and so many more. Living by trust and transparency, has led to a fantastic community being created with some amazing people. Aside from work, Wine (drinking & collecting), Football (Man Utd), Golf (12 handicap) are the weak spots.