Helen Lisowski

Scale-Up Business Consultant


  • Scale-Up businesses
  •  Specialise in Culture, Recruitment,Retention, & Results
  •  Agile leadership & management
  • Pragmatic Agilist
  •  Part of the leadership teams for 2 companies scaling up that went on
    to acquisition.
  •  Worked in retail, manufacturing, telecoms & mobile, fintech, scaling up businesses, corporate, and notfor-profits





Key Engagements

  • Part of the leadership team at NewVoiceMedia (now Vonage) to build the
    software team from 15 to 120 people across 2 countries (agile management
    practices, pragmatic agile team practices, developing robust culture, and
    strong recruitment and retention processes. (Staff turnover for the tech
    department was less than 2% for more than 4 years, during which time the
    department went from 15 to 120+ people.)


  •  Led the work to migrate Screwfix (part of Kingfisher group) from software
    releases annually to 2-monthly, using no technology improvements, just
    systems and process improvements. At the same time increased the quality
    and responsiveness of live issues by more than 90%.


  •  Worked with Three. mobile telecoms to help streamline their working practices
    for 5G phase 1, Marketing team, Leadership team 5G Devices team and 5G
    Experiences team. Designed and implemented pathways to standup team
    collectives (collaborating groups off teams), rolling out a flexible intro to agile
    for each team alongside tailored agile processes that supported each unique
    set of requirements, yet aligned all teams at crucial touch points.


  •  Worked with Legacy Development teams at Vocalink (Mastercard) to bring
    regular (monthly) deployments and improved working practices.


  •  Part of the leadership team at InvitationDigital to grow the tech team from
    around 20 people to 40 people. Implemented some light-weight agile and
    management practices, dramatically reduced staff turnover, and saw the
    company acquired by Vodafone.


  •  Led a team to build a master data management system from scratch to share
    data and insights from 4 separate European countries.



Difficult is not bad, difficult is not impossible, difficult is just difficult. And you can do difficult things. – Justin Su’a


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