• Senior consulting, product, and development roles
  • Interoperability, data & analytics, and cloud
  • Secondary and Primary Care expertise
  • Bridging the gap between business and technology
  • Agile pragmatist. Loves working software; hates aging paperware.


Key Engagements

  • Technical architecture for a private healthcare open data platform programme. openEHR and FHIR repositories, messaging and Azure.
  • Technical architect for NHSD pilot programme around hospital data improvement. Traditional data warehousing, RPA and Azure.
  • Head of Architecture at one of the biggest suppliers of software to the NHS. Technical product strategy, platform development, and partner projects. EMIS product set and AWS.
  • Designed and managed delivery of major NHS-to-pharma big data products. Various data and integration platforms, e.g. MS SQL Server and NextGen Connect.
  • Overall accountability for all systems integration at 17 hospitals under the national programme for IT. Cerner electronic patient record software and multiple integration platforms.
  • Developed and managed national compliance programme for all suppliers connecting to NHS Spine Personal Demographics Service.
  • Product manager and solution architect for winner of the London bid for hospitals software under NPfIT. IDX Carecast and Oracle Sun DataGate.



“I wouldn’t have a motto. It’d probably cramp my style.” Felix Williams


Contact Details:


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