Gordon Cullum –  Big Mission, Big Impact: How to be a modern (Technical) Leader.

NHS, Deputy Digital Lead of Strategic Trace


Seasoned Architect and CTO (Mastek) steps though his career starting with his first big gig working on the London Eye. The wheel only stops once a year for maintenance and it restarts whether you’re ready or not. People used to big IT projects will nod their heads sagely listening to this baptism  of fire. And even non-tech people will love the sheer scale of challenges. And the measure of success? A seamless release, not even noticed by the public


Gordon has endless anecdotes about his projects including the NHS Spine and he reflects on the the changing technology landscape over the last 20 years. Gordon shares his thoughts about balancing big changes with incremental approaches  and building adaptive systems.


An accomplished technology professional, who has impacted many  UK institutions , and still delights in the new but never loses connection with people. His thoughts on leading teams and people, setting vision and guardrails, are as honest a “how to” as you will find.


It was difficult to leave as CTO of Mastek but the new mission to support the drive to have great “Trace” in the UK to deal with Covid and the future  and national health issues was irresistible. He explains the role as he sees it.  I’m on board and hope you are too!

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