Business Architecture and and the dynamics of maximising Value

Graham is elegant, eloquent and deeply experienced,  working with IT and exploiting it to solve customer problems and adding value. We touch on Digital in the retail space drawing on 18 years of experience in (which is much more than retail itself covering logistics, health care  and support to name a few.)

Graham concisely outlines the roles of different Architects whether Solution, Technical and Enterprise. Business Architects look at the business as a whole (including but not solely IT) and maps business capabilities across




And Data

And examining how they support the strategic objectives of the company.

This fundamentally allows businesses to respond to change holistically and ensure strategy at the top is connected to execution across the company. Graham explores the use of agile and how businesses can and should focus on the delivery of value.

This is not just a high level, slow analysis of the business but an ongoing,  ruthless focus on value streams  and delivering maximum value however fast your market changes. Graham is a master of joining up these very complex relationships and moving from the “as is” to what could and should be and relaying it in a very simple, achievable way.


The books referred to by Graham are:

Great Transition: Using the Seven Disciplines of Enterprise Engineering by James Martin

Jackson structured programming (JSP) is a method for structured programming developed by British software consultant Michael A. Jackson and described in his 1975 book Principles of Program Design

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

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