Liz Keogh: How to start Making Sense & Salt Marshes …with examples.

Blogger, Coach, Speaker, Liz is well known for her enthusiasm for moving the Lean & Agile movement onwards.

Starting the first 3 years of her career on a project that never finished its first release, her view of the world rapidly changed joining Thoughtworks where code was with client within 4 weeks. She joined them as Behaviour-Driven Development was emerging and Liz gives an expert breakdown of what BDD is, the value it brings to the business and how to practice it well.

And then on to Cynefin which Liz describes as a framework for making sense of the world, particularly in different situations, depending on how certain or uncertain the outcome is (and their relation to cause and effect.) Complexity and uncertainty are ever more part of the world and Liz artfully leads us through ways to engage and manage it. If you do not know much about Cynefin, including discussing risk with senior executives, this a golden introduction.

Our tour continues with a discussion of Wardley Maps mapping maturity and their use with Cynefin but sadly we didn’t have time to deal with a shallow dive into chaos:…w-dive-into-chaos/

There is no silver bullet but Liz is the enemy of inertia, the navigator of uncertainty and generous with her explanations and references to both. A good example to us all.

Liz Keogh


Twitter: @lunivore

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Past – Geoffery A Moore

Simon Wardley (Wardley Mapping)

The Aglie Fluency Model Diana Larsen and James Shaw…book-rtw-1.pdf

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