Matt Hosking – Goals, Strategy, and Business Agility: Here to call it out!

Practitioner and trainer, Matt Hosking has genuinely broad, cross industry and sector experience, forming a deep understanding of what it is to achieve business agility. His experimentation started in the 90’s and contributed to his simple definition of agile today which anyone can understand: Make tomorrow better than yesterday. Stripping all the jargon away Matt gets to the heart of agile, making it accessible and relevant for everyone.

Matt underscores the importance of leadership and modern management technique to enable change and deal with organisational inertia. He makes the case for a major update to the management practices inherited from the 90s and earlier but also identifies that Agile has not always spoken well to the senior management teams about business agility. Fortunately, Matt’s curiosity for product, business strategy and organisational agility means he is well placed to comment and help.

Finally, Matt talks about the benefits of Product over Project and how it is becoming the norm.

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