Whatever the scope of your requirements, we believe that people are ultimately the change agents, not just the method or technique…

Naturally, you are here because you need help or are curious about how to address some aspect of your work – be it successful project and product management, IT delivery, or management of IT investment.

You may be looking for coaching or basic formal training or a real kick-start to your delivery processes. Or work is just moving too damned slow but needs some assessment to help diagnose hidden problems and constraints to your agility. For the biggest changes, we can help work with you on your transformation.

We work with you to achieve your desired outcomes across the full scope of your business:

• Product and Project Management, and Delivery Management
• IT Development, Testing and DevOps
• Training, mentoring and coaching
• Innovation models
• Operating Model reviews

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Training provides strong foundations, but lasting change is best achieved through embedded coaching from experienced practitioners – experts who are used to finding what good looks like and helping teams and executives convert learning into practice and delivery.

Coaching helps facilitate enterprise transformation and is the best means of offering more specific support to Execs seeking to better understand the fundamentals of agility. Even mature teams benefit from fresh eyes and new techniques that embedded coaching can bring. We can scale the skills across the entire organisation, including offshore teams. Through training and coaching, we can address not only specific technical development skills but also new ways to drive Innovation.

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A strong foundation in delivery frameworks and the fundamental principles behind them provides a robust platform for change, and cultivates a shared language and understanding within your teams.

We hand-select partners who can provide expert training in the classroom, backed up by real-world practitioner experience.

Frameworks include:
• SAFe
• Scrum (Certified Org)
• Scrum at Scale
• Kanban
• APMG Agile Project Management
• Agile Story Management
• LeSS

We are also able to provide customised courses and taster sessions tailored to your current maturity.

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Obviously, everything you do is about building and delivering value, right? There are times where you need that extra expertise and experience to bring about change in an energised and assured way. Whether you’re looking to innovate within critical client projects, through a pivot to a flexible architecture, or by fostering a new culture and new ways of working, our network can flex to bring the people and teams to address your challenges directly.

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Meeting the challenges of a faster, digitally disrupted world requires the engagement of the whole organisation, from Board Member to Developer, from Finance to Operations, from Sales & Marketing to HR. It goes to the heart of your organisation’s culture – fundamental changes to the way your company thinks and uses technology, the way it plans projects and engages with customers. That mission needs the most trusted of advisors to help, with real-world provenance in companies of your size and industry.

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Transformation and change need an understanding of where you are now and where you desire to be. We can provide an assessment and maturity review using confidential interviews and open workshops to help us understand the constraints on your business agility so that we can give you actionable recommendations to unlock change.

This is no tick-box exercise. Our assessments are undertaken by experienced people who obtain a very deep understanding of your business so that you can be sure our recommendations address your specific needs.

Our assessments have generated successful changes to ways of working and operating models.

• Assessments
• Coaching
• Engaging remote teams/near shore
• Defining ways of working
• Delivery

We focus on creating teams with the right people matched with the very best skills and advice you can buy. And we work with you throughout to make sure you get the best outcomes.

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