Fellow night owl, Louisa Mensah, earned her stripes in IT support roles and is now a well established scrum master/coach. Her experience includes large telecoms and Banks and provides real insights into the day to day role of a Scrum Master

So we unpack what it means to be a ‘servant/leader”, how to take a step back and use the power of observations. Louisa creates safe spaces and tells how you need to be brave. No surprise she is happy to take on challenges and and accepts nothing less than the best for her team. We talk about the relationship with (often over stretched) Product Owners and how to maximise value. Tango dancing comes to mind at the beginning …

Louisa explains how she helps an organisation deal with all this agile change, in a way people across the business can understand and work with. It’s not disruption for disruption’s sake and agile buzz words get shown the door. We discuss scaling, managing dependencies and working on the right things: what are we trying to achieve? Louisa has been there and willingly shares her views.

Plain speaking, Louisa is passionate about people, very engaging and is pretty frank. And you know good things will get done.

Mamma is in the house. There might be trouble.

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