Our team of experts, coaches, trainers are looking forward to working with you. Whether you are looking for advice , support in delivery, or additional resource we are here to assist you.

Ian Gill

Managing Consultant and Chief Naturist

Gareth Hailes

Principal Consultant

Joanna Spicer-Brown

Principal Consultant

Emily Ross

Associate Consultant

Steve Wells

Agile Coach

Nik Silver

Technology team leadership & Executive-level mentoring

Tom Ayerst

Technical Architect and Lean/Agile coach

Ben Newman

Business Analysis Consultant - Agile Business Analysis/BDD Coaching

Paul Boocock

Multi-skilled Developer / Business Analyst / Agile Realist

Parm Sandhu

Agile Transformation Coach Agile Leadership Management / CXO-level Agile Coaching

Fabio Ferrante

Senior Consultant

Sue Bramhall

Organisational Agile coach

Erin Davies

Agile Enterprise Coach & Training

Chris Pitts

Agile Technical Coach

Philippe Guenet

Digital Transformation Coach

Felix Williams

Senior Technology Strategist and Architect

Achilles Chatzianastassiou

Enterprise Agile Coach