Coach, Tech Trainer, Writer, Broadcaster, Neighla is an irrepressible people person and change agent, who learnt her trade in the early days of mobile handset sales and promotion. The resilience, discipline and genuine warmth evident then, comes together to help form bespoke training across all technology, custom apps, and platforms – always focussed on users and customers with various levels of tech skills

Neighla dissects the two types of training: impart knowledge and facilitation, where the latter requires a great deal of skill. She discusses the use of NLP in both training and sales, and other ways to read the room. Focussed engagement is the fundamental key.

And for employers, how do know you are getting good ROI?

Finally, Neighla makes the case for the importance of Change Managers in the business.

Neighla’s book :

The House: Is the house you live in really your home?

The house is a metaphor for the UK. It looks at the relationship between those born in the house compared to those coming to live in the house from elsewhere. It follows the journey of a curious character named Shereen who is on a quest to understand the mindset of many people and establishments we come across daily. It is a call to action to be open minded about the different things we have been taught. The House also suggests we don’t have to follow the structure and norms society expects and to not be afraid to go our own way.

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