You could be a dentist, you could be an accountant, or get coding and and up as an experienced transformation manager. HMRC, Borders, Home Office … Paul explains the attraction to Govt IT and his passion for agility and making a difference.

We reminisce about the early GDS days and the part it has played in the unique challenges Govt faces while trying to understand customers/users/citizens.

The impact of Covid 19 is huge of course, but the Service Design Standards still apply throughout.

And is the Public sector really that different from large Private Sector – perhaps even have things to learn from Govt?

Paul pulls no punches when talking about “scaling agile” and shares his views on a very popular framework. He’s not playing at Agile here!

Finally, we think about home and work going forward and the changes still to go through. Whatever, Paul will still be to steer the way.

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