Simon Wardley - “recovering consultant” The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement by Eli Goldratt

Companies are facing the imperative to change and adapt. Leadership is lonely and leaders need to consider their change partners very carefully before embarking on their digital and organisational transformations.

Philippe Guenet is an Executive Coach and Leadership development expert who focuses on the work system organisation, practices, people & leadership development associated with Digital and Agile transformation. His work in many substantial companies gives him a deep well of direct experience to draw from when advising his clients, coupled with his formal coaching training.

Philippe explains the differences between coaches and consultants and gives a wonderful and detailed tour of the role of the coach in organisations – from helping teams at the coal face and especially at the exec level.
His insight into authentic coaching, agility, and organisational change is thoughtful, well considered and compelling

For Execs thinking about transformation in their organisation, Philippe provides a primer for the key areas, cadence and importantly, the people to consider in the journey to come. A change that starts with you being involved. In the journey into change and uncertainty, Philippe is challenging but ultimately, reassuring too. He is the trustworthy voice by your side, assisting the journey of change through coaching.


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