Yuri Malishenko is a highly experienced agile practitioner with a passion for using and teaching visual thinking in the workplace and beyond. Yuri is host of the wonderfully diverse, Visual Thinking podcast, and shares his thoughts on the the power of visualisation, including:

Helping teams to collaborate and talk the same language
Super charge your facilitation skills
To build trust, empathy and buy in.
And all this is available to all – no drawing skills required!

Yuri brings together his career as a graphic designer, consultant, coach, project manager and product owner and shares his insights regarding:

The need to be customer centric,
Why transformation programmes do not succeed (it is not a software upload),
The use of frameworks (peak inside the boxes)
How to build long term change

And deep down, we are “Homosapienscontrolfreakios”

Yuri is thoughtful and wears his agile experience lightly, who brings the subject matter alive with is unique perspective.

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