• Agile Transformation
• Executive Coaching
• Agile @ Scale Delivery
• Portfolio Management
• Pipeline Optimisation
• Organisational Design
• Cultural Change Leadership

A seasoned Agile Transformation specialist with a passion for Agile philosophy, having been involved in many transformation programmes, targeting both existing Waterfall and more organic “freeform” approaches and the scars to prove it!
Recognition for delivery of change and bridging the gaps between business and technology, cultivating adaptive structures, lean thinking, governance and flow.

Qualifications and certifications
• Certified Agile Leadership (CAL), Scrum Alliance
• Computer Science, Sheffield Hallam University

Key Engagements
• Coaching Agile-Lean concepts (The Lean Start Up, Impact Mapping, Story Mapping, Backlog Management and OKR’s) for performance tracking at Fidelity International. Introduced site wide CoP’s, that consistently generated & drive Kaizens for any issue which could not be tackled from the trenches, this drove successful discussions around real-time ground and organisation level impediments.

• Developing and aligning the coaching practice with the strategic direction of the organisation, managing deviations, and effectively communicating solutions and their justification to relevant stakeholders at Lloyds Bank. Directing Agile transformation activities including training, project selection and job description reviews.

• Drove a portfolio of ecommerce deliverables at Sainsbury’s via the ‘Digital Hub’ spinning up over 20 Scrum Teams (150+ people) that supported key high sale periods, including Black Friday, Valentines, Christmas and Easter, resulting in not only in record-breaking online sales but platform availability and uptime during these peak demand periods.

• Parm led a team of consultants at William Hill, supporting Senior Portfolio and Product Managers in their adoption, understanding and deployment of Agile at scale across key business value streams. Identified major issues with throughput and performance of teams and and advised on improved reporting. Asked and trusted by CTO to provide coaching workshops to 3rd party suppliers and vendors to improve Agile practices on ongoing relationships.

• Led a review of Covea’s Insurance’s digital delivery capability and subsequently executing a strategy transformation across the enterprise, leading to a 35% reduction in non value add themes, epics and initiatives, thus significantly reducing the opex daily burn rate and early release of business value capitalisation.

• Created appropriate governance structures and reporting at E.ON to enhance delivery, working with Senior Management and development teams.

• Audited Agile practices at HSBC, providing advisory, corporate and financial communities with foresight. Formulated a programme to ‘reset’ delivery teams, assisting them with making appropriate commitments through story selection, sizing and task definition and participated proactively in developing and maintaining standards.

Motto: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone
– Neale Donald Walsh

Contact Details:

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