• Wide-ranging skills across the whole software development arena, from analysis to deployment and from browser to database
• The Clean Code expert
• He has worked in every role in software development, with dozens of languages and technologies, in both front-end and back-end.
• A unique perspective and the ability to help any team
• Real-world agile experience from over a dozen significant projects

Qualifications and certifications
• MSc in Business Systems Analysis, City University

Key Engagements
• Agile Developer and Business Analyst at Utility Warehouse, building an advanced system to handle smart meter readings

• Technical Lead for an innovative Agile project at the Home Office using up-to-date technologies to greatly simplify a complex technical area.

• Consultant at Travis Perkins, creating new approaches to understanding and transforming legacy software to a modern system

• Agile Developer at Sky Broadband, concentrating on improving the use of executable specifications for automated acceptance tests

• Team Lead at Tieto, developing state-of-the-art systems for mortgage application processing, and making use of the latest tools for testing and QA

• All-round Agile Developer at AOL, introducing new techniques for testing systems with third-party services

• Project Lead and Analyst at eSpeed, designing and building an online sports betting exchange – with a fraction of the budget and staff of the market leader

Before you judge someone, always walk a mile in their shoes.

Contact Details:

[email protected]