Helen Lisowski: Lending her belief in you and growing pains

Helen is a wonderful speaker and a sucker for the intriguing challenge. Her successful and varied career, “lending her belief in people”, means she has built deep expertise in nurturing teams and company performance. Helen’s sweet spot is the scale up businesses of between 50-250 people and how to step round the pitfalls that can

Graham Padgham: Business Architecture and and the dynamics of maximising Value

Graham is elegant, eloquent and deeply experienced, working with IT and exploiting it to solve customer problems and adding value. We touch on Digital in the retail space drawing on 18 years of experience in www.specsavers.co.uk (which is much more than retail itself covering logistics, health care and support to name a few.) Graham concisely outlines the

Louisa Mensah: So you want to be a Scrum Master?

Fellow night owl, Louisa Mensah, earned her stripes in IT support roles and is now a well established scrum master/coach. Her experience includes large telecoms and Banks and provides real insights into the day to day role of a Scrum Master So we unpack what it means to be a ‘servant/leader”, how to take a

Gordon Cullum: Big Mission, Big Impact: How to be a modern (Technical) Leader.

Gordon Cullum is NHS, Deputy Digital Lead of Strategic Trace Seasoned Architect and CTO (Mastek) steps though his career starting with his first big gig working on the London Eye. The wheel only stops once a year for maintenance and it restarts whether you’re ready or not. People used to big IT projects will nod

Neighla Cain: Trust me, I’m a trainer.

Coach, Tech Trainer, Writer, Broadcaster, Neighla is an irrepressible people person and change agent, who learnt her trade in the early days of mobile handset sales and promotion. The resilience, discipline and genuine warmth evident then, comes together to help form bespoke training across all technology, custom apps, and platforms – always focussed on users

Matt Hosking: Goals, Strategy, and Business Agility: Here to call it out!

Practitioner and trainer, Matt Hosking has genuinely broad, cross industry and sector experience, forming a deep understanding of what it is to achieve business agility. His experimentation started in the 90’s and contributed to his simple definition of agile today which anyone can understand: Make tomorrow better than yesterday. Stripping all the jargon away Matt

Stephen Cresswell: Mild mannered rebel anarchist.

How does Brazilian jujitsu help understand Agile and Pair Programming? Are mainframes for real programmers? Is Pairing a Health and Safety issue? Are points proper estimates? Super experienced, Stephen Cresswell, is Deputy VP of Engineering TES Global and has been at the cutting edge of modern software development for years. He reflects on his slightly

Liz Keogh: How to start Making Sense & Salt Marshes …with examples.

Blogger, Coach, Speaker, Liz is well known for her enthusiasm for moving the Lean & Agile movement onwards. Starting the first 3 years of her career on a project that never finished its first release, her view of the world rapidly changed joining Thoughtworks where code was with client within 4 weeks. She joined them

Mike Burrows: Wholehearted, Agile Renaissance Man

Esteemed consultant, facilitator, trainer, founder of Agendashift and author, Mike Burrows, has built his reputation on years of senior, global IT executive leadership followed by expert consultancy and training. His books are “go to” for anyone interest in change agile, and Kanban. 2020 has prompted a substantial revision, rewrite even, of his 2018 classic community